A large-scale collaboration on comparative cognition and behavior across animal taxa.

In the last decade, concerns about the “replicability crisis” have highlighted the devastating effects of conducting studies in siloed laboratories, with small sample sizes, and underpowered designs on the reproducibility, replicability, and robustness of research findings. In comparative cognition, the ramifications of these effects are particularly pronounced because, in addition to the above-mentioned problems, this field relies heavily on generalizing research findings across taxa, which usually is based on limited species coverage.

ManyManys is an unprecedented mega-network of multi-disciplinary and international researchers that aims to overcome these challenges by collaboratively developing and applying innovative methods to measure and compare behavior across animal taxa. It was founded after the Big Team Science Conference held virtually last year, where representatives from different networks came together to identify challenges to the implementation of Big Team Science and explore solutions. It was during a hackathon that a large team of researchers agreed on the pressing need to create a Big Team Science network to help comparative cognition realize its full potential.

Allied Big Team Science networks: